Seven Years

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Today is our seven year anniversary.

This is the only wedding picture I could find on our computer. The picture is of us about to leave the church and begin our honeymoon. We were 20 years old!

Happy Anniversary Brooke. Let’s go for another year, whadayasay?


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  1. I’m up for it!

  2. Really happy for you. Love y’all…was glad to be a part of tieiing the knot!

  3. Congratulations!! My wife and I will be hitting number 11 this December, and it gets better and better every year! Here’s to many more for you two.

  4. And in related news, I’ve managed to have a continuing relationship with a plant (without killing it) for over a year! Oh, wait, that isn’t the same thing is it?
    j/k Congratulations to both of you!

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