Beautiful words on faith

“There will always be some who say that such faith is only a dream, and God knows there is none who can say it more devastatingly than we sometimes say it to ourselves, but if so, I think of it as like the dream that Caliban dreamed. Faith is like the dream in which the clouds open to show such riches ready to drop upon us that when we wake into the reality of nothing more than common sense, we cry to dream again because the dreaming seems truer than the waking does to the fullness of reality not as we have seen it, to be sure, but as by faith we trust it to be without seeing. Faith is both the dreaming and the crying. Faith is the assurance that the best and holiest dream is true after all. Faith in something – if only in the proposition that life is better than death – is what makes our journeys through time bearable. When faith ends, the journey ends – ends either in a death like my father’s or in the living death of those who believe themselves to be without hope.”

Frederick Buechner (from The Sacred Journey)


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  1. I love this part: “…when we wake into the reality of nothing more than common sense, we cry to dream again…” This reminded me of something N.T. Wright says in Simply Christian – that for those of us that believe in Jesus, the story of who he is, how he died, how he rose again, “makes sense”. Not in the strictly objective and verifiable scientific way that the modern mind insists upon, but on a deeper level, inside, the truth of Jesus’ story resonates, “makes sense”.

  2. Ack! What happened to all your old blogger entries? You’re not gonna archive??

    Twists face in dread…

  3. What do you think he means when he says that faith is like the dreaming and the crying (specifically that last part)?

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