Is a list of movies the cure for boring?

Until a couple weeks ago I was a faithful and evangelistic member of Blockbuster Online. But then I got a nice email from them telling me I was going to pay more to get less. I said “no thanks” (I actually did respond to them and told them I was going to have to decline their generous offer to give me less for paying more). As a result, I am currently in the middle of a free month-long trial with Netflix. But when the end of the free month comes around, I may choose neither. The reason is that I am running out of movies on my queue that I really want to see (what a horrible problem, right?). And this is where you come in.

What are some of your favorite movies that I might not have seen yet? What movies do you think I should add to my queue?

Since I’m asking you, I’ll give you a few of my more recent favorites (the past few years) to add to your queue – ones that some of you might not have seen yet.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Children of Men
Pan’s Labyrinth
Born Into Brothels
Little Miss Sunshine

Very good
Motorcycle Diaries
City of God
Good Night, and Good Luck

Not the best, not necessarily very good, but still quite good (and worth adding to your queue)
Maria Full of Grace
Marie Antoinette
The Constant Gardener

Anyone agree/disagree with my recommendations?

I look forward to your recommendations (they don’t have to be recent movies).


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  1. Rang de Basanti- an Indian film (subtitled) which takes a different view on terrorist acts and colonialism. But it’s Bollywood so there will be embarrassing dancing and badly done electronic music. Get through that though and it’s a darn good ending.

    Firefly and Serenity- watch at least two episodes before making a judgement. This is quite possibly my favorite of favorites.

    Goal!- fun, feel good film for both sexes

    Thank you for Smoking- come on- it’s freaking brilliant!

    La Haine- brilliant french film from the mid-90’s that explores the gang problem in Paris.

    Equilibrium- science fiction flick with Christian Bale

    Miss Potter- this could be a chick flick, I’m not sure, but it felt good.

    Layer Cake- I love these “shoot ’em up, outsmart the bad guy, wait who is the bad guy” kind of films.

  2. We don’t see too many movies these days, but here’s a stab:

    Best: Proof (wonderful on every level)
    Very good: Nanny McPhee (great child acting & a charming story)
    Cheating: Foyle’s War (really a BBC/PBS TV series)

  3. I don’t have any recommendations, but I have to agree on Pan’s Labyrinth and Proof–excellent movies.

    Oh, wait, I lied. Aaron and I recently watched Fracture, and it was Pretty Darn Good (a category that falls about even with “Very Good”).

  4. You know, I passed on Proof, but I may pick it up now.

  5. Add “In America” to your list. it is great

  6. I thought Proof was just okay. But i agree with Christy about In America. It’s beautiful.

    I’ll recommend Love Actually, possibly the best Christmas time movie, and Mystic River. Also, among the edgier films, A Scanner Darkly and Green Sreet Hooligans. I’ll agree with Amy about Fracture. I found myself rooting for the bad guy in it. Another good one is Bridge to Terabithia. This one came as a surprise to me, but i thought it was excellent. And if you haven’t seen Cold Mountain, you must. Also, In the Line of Fire, a great Eastwood movie.

    Amy and i got that same email from Blockbuster. We stayed because it’s still a better deal for us but i knew you’d leave. Actually amy and I were just discussing that the other day. “Yeah, I’ll bet Adam leaves’em though.”

  7. I just thought of another, if you like old movies. “Gentleman’s Agreement” directed by Elia Kazan and starring Gregory Peck. Aaron and I watched this a few years ago, just because it was an old Oscar winner, and we were astonished at how daring and relevant and moving it was.

  8. One we saw recently that was HARD but very, very good was “Blood Diamond.” Excellent acting, moving story…good all around. “In America” is another favorite, as well.

  9. Loved “Proof.” “In America” is fantastic. We pwn it.

    Let’s break it down, mood style:

    Half Nelson

    The Weather Man

    Blades of Glory (someone had to say it)
    Triplets of Bellville

    Awesome Docs:
    Dark Days
    Jesus Camp

    Political Docs that Steph makes fun of me for watching:
    So Goes the Nation
    The Party’s Over

    Psuedo-docs that involved overobsessed people playing a game that feature the word “word” in the title:
    Word Wars

    Docs you’d never show your children, but are still awesome:
    The Film is Not Yet Rated

  10. Oh, yes, Blood Diamond! Very good also.

    I totally want to see Blades of Glory.

  11. Thanks guys – this is great.

    I’ve seen Serenity (good…but not exactly my thing), Layer Cake (just last week actually – I liked it), Proof (didn’t I see this with you Andrea?! – ha!), Fracture (I haven’t seen it yet but it is actually at my house right now – I’m looking forward to it), In America (loved it), Mystic River (I think I saw it with you Aaron – not my favorite), Blood Diamond (I liked it quite a bit), Millions (liked it a lot – so unique), and I guess the rest of them I haven’t seen yet.

    Whew, I’m so glad I have some more movies to add to the queue now. What would I have done otherwise?! These look like good recs.

    Keep ’em comin, if you’ve got em. This is great (and nobody can call this BORING, right?!).

  12. Netflix delivered both The Prestige and The Illusionist recently. I enjoyed them both!

  13. I liked The Illusionist quite a bit. The Prestige is at our house right now waiting to be seen.

  14. Have you considered joining the Spiritual Cinema Circle? It’s a bit New Age-y, but it offers movies (and shorts) you can’t find anywhere else. Cost more than Blockbuster or Nexflix, too, but you keep the movies. Just a thought….

  15. Oh–we just saw Freedom Writers recently and it was very good. I know I’m a teacher so I’m drawn to those kind of inspiring stories, but knowing that it is also based on a true story makes it more meaningful. Highly recommend it!

  16. If you’re looking for a good teacher movie (and don’t want to get mired in the crack-adventure that is “Half-Nelson” – though Steph is totally in love with Ryan Gosling, seriously, she would run away with him if she could) I can’t recommend “Chalk” highly enough. It’s the first and only teacher movie I’ve ever seen that is even remotely true-to-life. It’s hilarious and more importantly, authentic.

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