Reflections on fatherhood after [almost] four months

It is hard to believe that Ivy will be four months old this week. In some ways it seems like it has been much longer than that, and in others it seems like she was born just last week. It’s absolutely amazing to have her in our lives. But it certainly hasn’t been easy. Everyone was definitely right – there’s just nothing you can do to prepare for having a baby thrust into your life. It has definitely been harder than I imagined it would be – or at least just difficult in different ways than expected. But I think we have done well. We’re making it. We’re enjoying our beautiful daughter and she is healthy and growing.

You may notice that this post is being written at a ridiculous hour of the morning (it’s 4:41 right now). Not only did Ivy wake up in the middle of the night, but I also can’t sleep (now that she’s back asleep). She hasn’t been sleeping well lately. It’s been pretty normal for her to wake up for awhile sometime between 2:30 and 4:30 in the morning (this morning was closer to the 2:30!). But even with the sleep issues, she’s just a wonderful and amazing little girl. I can’t help but fall for her over and over again as she flashes her brilliant smile. And best of all, she’s learned to laugh. I don’t know if there is a better thing in all the world than to hear her laugh. I absolutely love it. The other day she was giggling quite a bit and it caused me to laugh harder than I have in quite a long time.

So anyways, all this to say, fatherhood’s been good so far. Four good months. I hope they keep getting even better.


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  1. You’re a wonderful father. Ivy is one lucky little girl to have you for her daddy.

  2. This is a great post – I’m looking forward to experiencing fatherhood. I’ve got a little one on the way in Jan. We found out this past Friday that it’s a boy!

  3. Baby giggles are scrumptious.

  4. I second amy’s comment.

  5. I hate 2:30 in the morning.

    Is that another baby in the background? Did you have twins and not tell us?

  6. Finally someone figured this out – we did have twins!

  7. Hey Adam, I haven’t blogged, or looked on your blog for months… congratulations to you and Brooke, Ivy is beautiful!! I thought of you guys today… I had never heard of Over the Rhine, until you guys talked about them on your blog. A friend of mine mentioned today that she was going to see them. My ears perked up and I bought a ticket too. We saw them tonight at The Triple Door in Seattle. They are amazing! I’m a new fan! I thought I’d give you props for hearing it here first!! Thanks!! Happy parenthood!! Have a super day!! Cyndee

  8. I third Amy’s comment, even though I haven’t heard Ivy’s giggle yet. Her grin IS darn cute though, for sure. =D

  9. I am so glad for you and Brooke…and I appreciate the update!

  10. Cyndee – great to “hear” from you! I hope you are doing well! Thanks for the note. So glad you heard OTR! They are one of my very favorites! I am jealous you got to see them live. They never come to Texas :(

  11. They were just great! It was a small venue and it felt like they were sitting in your living room, playing songs. I hope they get out to Texas one day!! Have a super week.

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