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So obviously after a great discussion about hell, the next blog topic that comes to mind is The Office. Now Brooke and I don’t watch much tv at all. I mean practically none. I watch movies but we watch almost zero tv. We don’t even have cable. Yep, basically I’m saying that we are really holy.

But anyways, we have gotten into The Office. After watching a couple episodes on tv we rented Season 1 from Blockbuster Online and got hooked. By the middle of Season 2 we were addicted. In order to catch up with the series (Season 4 starts Thursday night), we watched all of Season 3 over the past week. So now we’re caught up.

So here’s what I’m getting at. Does anyone else feel like Season 3 was a letdown? Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it all the way through, and there were plenty of moments of brilliance, but still, I have a feeling the series peaked about midway through Season 2. Here’s my main criticism: way too many relationships. What in the world? It’s gotten ridiculous. I count at least six [updated: I now count eight – see comments]. I was fine with Jim and Pam – I think it makes sense as part of an office to have some kind of relationship going on. But does everyone have to be in a relationship with someone else in the office? If I want to watch a soap opera, there are plenty of other shows to watch. Again, don’t get me wrong, I’ll definitely be watching Season 4, but I’m just disappointed. I really was loving the show. Now I’m loving it less.

Anyone agree or disagree?


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  1. Warning: This comment contains season 3 spoilers!

    The end of season three did alleviate some of the problem. I like the new, honest Pam. And i see some great Dwight-folly in store after him acquiring and losing the boss position in a day. Also, don’t forget, Ryan the temp is now Michael’s boss. That should be interesting.

  2. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptI watch movies but we watch almost zero tv. We don’t even have cable. Yep, basically I’m saying that we are really holy. But anyways, we have gotten into The Office. After watching a couple episodes on tv we rented Season 1 from … […]

  3. Not a comment on the Office, because I don’t know enough to pass judgement, but I laughed out loud at your holy comment.

  4. Six relationships? Really? I counted three inter-office relationships, one of which is over. So that makes two. You suck at math.

    I love The Office, and am not really loving it any less at this point. I think you were a little harsh (come on, a soap opera? Really?) but I can respect your opinion. Just not your counting skillz.

  5. I think it is generally agreed that Season 3 was not as funny as Season 2, which might be one of the funniest sitcom seasons of all time for any show in recent memory. I mean, I never laughed at Seinfeld the way I laugh at the Office. And I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like the show (assuming they had seen it). Of course, now someone is going to comment and say they hate it. Nevertheless, it is a great show, and Season 4 is going to be awesome.

  6. Hah. Onlydicta = Mark.

  7. Ok, here’s the math.

    Jim and Pam
    Jim and Karen
    Michael and Jan
    Dwight and Angela
    Ryan and Kelly
    Oscar and (I forget his name)
    Phyllis and Mr. Refrigerator

    Ok, sorry, it’s actually seven. Of course the last two might not really count. But still, that’s five!

    Again, don’t get me wrong. I really like the show. I was just saying that Season 3 was a bit of a letdown. I am definitely excited about Season 4.

    Also, I think Seinfeld was better. I was hopeful in Season 2 that it could be equal to or better than Seinfeld. But I don’t think it is right now – that doesn’t mean it can’t change though.

  8. Jim and Pam
    Jim and Karen (I forgot about this one. Sad, I know.)
    Michael and Jan (Technically, Jan is not in the office. Doesn’t count.)
    Dwight and Angela (Whom I like to call A-ight–y’know, all cool and white-gurl-gangsta’–tho Aaron prefers Dwangela)
    Ryan and Kelly
    Oscar and (I forget his name) (what’s-his-name isn’t in the office–doesn’t count)
    Phyllis and Mr. Refrigerator (Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. Same building, different office–doesn’t count)

    I’ll give you four. But still, it’s now down to two. Two’s not so bad, is it?

    I liked Seinfeld, but I laugh OUT LOUD every time I watch The Office. EVERY TIME. Usually several times.

    I love this show.

  9. It should be noted that “A-ight” is supposed to be pronounced like “allright”, but without the “L”s or the “R”. “Ahh-ight”. And it has to be said like a gangsta’. That’s a must.

  10. Aaron thought of even one more – Pam and Roy.

    That’s 8 now.

  11. This is one of my favorite shows on TV!! (This and Lost) Hated it at first, but Eric loved it and now after watching more, I am addicted, too. As Amy said I cannot, CANNOT get through one episode without laughing loudly. I agree that it might have peaked during season 2, but I loved season 3 nonetheless. I especially get a kick out of the Andy/Dwight thing. And I laughed SO HARD at the very end of the season when Ryan said, “You and I, are over.” And Kelly’s reaction…”WHAT??” GREAT ending. Unfortunately we don’t have cable, and we can’t even get good reception on NBC so we’ll have to wait for season 4 to come out on DVD. Oh well…Eric and I often quote various lines to each other, usually Dwights lines. One of our favorites right now is, “No cookie.” “But what if I’m hungry?” “NO. COOKIE.” Anyone remember that scene? Ah, it’s nice to have other “Office” friends.

  12. Andy’s Nipples!!!


  13. “You look cute as a button. And you’re sweaty.”

  14. My friends here have got me addicted to the Office! We watched the season premiere on Thursday while packing boxes at my apartment (it was the day before I moved).

    I agree that season three wasn’t quite as good as the first two. I’m hoping season 4 will get better…the first episode was okay…it had its funny moments, but it wasn’t brillant.

  15. Nissa – I agree with you about the season 4 premiere. It was ok but certainly not great. I’m a little worried about the season if that’s all they could muster for the premiere.

  16. The Office wasn’t the only premier that disappointed me. But I have a theory. I think season premiers are a little like Easter and Christmas sermons–they’re disappointing because there’s so much build-up and the writers are trying too hard.

  17. Amy, good point. You’re probably right.

  18. Disappointed?

    I thought it was hilarious. I mean, Dwight killing Angela’s cat – priceless. A rabies awareness run. Who comes up with this stuff?

    It was just fun.

  19. I’m with you Mark. I thought it was very funny.

  20. Oh, I thought the whole Dwight sticking Angela’s cat in the fridge to kill it was hilarious…I just didn’t think much else was THAT funny.

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