What is our country coming to…

…when we won’t let someone make an official mockery of the political process?

Quite unfortunate.


2 Responses

  1. You know, I hate to turn this into a serious article, but I think the Dems are being rather shortsighted here. Doesn’t Colbert’s prominence help the Democrats? Why wouldn’t they want him to get as much attention as possible? I’m not suggesting letting him into any debates or anything, but Colbert appeals to the demographic that the Dems need to get elected in 2008. What’s the harm in letting Colbert get more face time?

  2. Yes, I agree, this seems rather foolish.

    I kind of think it is more of a South Carolina thing than a Democrat thing (even though the decision was made by Democrats). I think as South Carolinians they don’t want to look foolish by allowing someone to make a mockery of their state primary, or whatever. There’s so much state pride involved with these silly primaries. I think that might be what has made them shortsighted.

    Instead I think they have just made their nice primary even more ridiculous.

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