I don’t have time to post, so here’s a long list of other ways for you to waste your life away on the internet

This blog entry is for those who have ever struggled with faith. Real Live Preacher is the best blogger out there – that’s right, the very best. And this is a must-read example of why he is the best. (there’s a reason I put this one first – it’s great)

Part 2 of an excellent video interview with Brian McLaren (see Part 1)

“The Evangelical Crackup” – what happened to the Evangelical Republican voting block?

– On a related note, here’s an interesting article on “Why Obama Matters” – (thanks to Bob Carlton for the link)

– Willow Creek Repents (1, 2, and a response from Diana Butler Bass) – very interesting. You have to respect Hybels and Willow Creek for the humility of their response.

Just for fun.

– And last but not least, a thought-provoking quote from Thomas Merton:

“The dread of being open to the ideas of others generally comes from our hidden insecurity about our own convictions. We fear that we may be ‘converted’ – or perverted – by a pernicious doctrine. On the other hand, if we are mature and objective in our open-mindedness, we might find that viewing things from a basically different perspective – that of our adversary – we discover our own truth in a new light and are able to understand our own ideal more realistically…”
(thanks to Prodigal Kiwi(s) Blog for this quote)


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  1. The Atlantic article about Obama is really a good read. It’s not exactly a ringing endorsement; just a great explanation of why he is the right man for the job, right now. An excerpt:

    “Obama’s reach outside his own ranks remains striking. Why? It’s a good question: How has a black, urban liberal gained far stronger support among Republicans than the made-over moderate Clinton or the southern charmer Edwards? Perhaps because the Republicans and independents who are open to an Obama candidacy see his primary advantage in prosecuting the war on Islamist terrorism. It isn’t about his policies as such; it is about his person. They are prepared to set their own ideological preferences to one side in favor of what Obama offers America in a critical moment in our dealings with the rest of the world. The war today matters enormously. The war of the last generation? Not so much. If you are an American who yearns to finally get beyond the symbolic battles of the Boomer generation and face today’s actual problems, Obama may be your man.”

  2. With apologies to Senator Clinton, what I meant to say was that Obama is the right “person” for the job (not “man”).

    I’m a sexist, I admit it. But at least I’m a sexist with a conscience! See how I came back here to apologize?

  3. Honestly, I didn’t even catch it.

    Does that make me sexist too?

  4. Yes.

  5. No, it just means you have been sucessfully indoctrinated into the idea that only a man can do the job. It’s ok, just don’t let WOW or Margaret Thatcher know.

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