Bizarre Picture Friday


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  1. Growing up Catholic, I was pretty amazed to discover in 8th grade Earth Science that I had some fundamentalists in my class. Several of them started badgering our teacher about what we were learning about the development of the Earth. He response was, “This is how I handle the situation. As a man of faith I believe God created the Earth. As a man of science I think evolution is how he did it.”

    That explaination still works for me.

    When I have tried to decribe my faith, I sometimes refer to my understanding of gravity. I haven’t found an actual explaination of gravity. You can read about the effects of gravity and find formulas and calculations for how it makes objects interact, but there is no answer for the why. So I have come to accept my faith in that same way. I came to understand that faith affects the life of others, which helped my first sparks of faith. I can see now the way it has affected my life.

  2. I like that teacher’s answer.

  3. Suggested viewing: the recent PBS Nova on “Intelligent Design.”

  4. I first saw this image recently in Thank God For Evolution. A thought-provoking book!

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