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Podcast Interview with AJ Jacobs about The Year of Living Biblically

I haven’t had a chance to listen to this interview yet, but it seemed that a number of you were interested in this book. Perhaps the interview will provide a little more insight into the book and the author.

NT Wright
and Emerging Church Lectures

I’ve posted some excellent lectures at the Emergent Waco blog. The NT Wright lecture about the Bible and politics is a must-listen (I still haven’t listen to the “Paul and Empire” lectures).

Around America in 2.0

I came across this somehow the other day and found the premise very interesting. Basically, this guy has traveled around the entire US in 80 days, relying on strangers for transportation, food, and shelter. The experiment began by posting a video clip on the internet. From there it spread and he has made it around the entire US. He has kept a video diary the whole time.

Couch Surfing

On a related note, have you guys heard of couch surfing?

Paperback Swap

PBS has initiated a book swapping club. Sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, I didn’t find many books I was interested in…maybe it will keep growing. Great idea though. (HT: LO-FI TRIBE)


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  1. Thanks for the link love. Hopefully you enjoy the interview.

    I am a couch surfing member as well, perhaps we will crash in the same area sometime.

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