If God is Love

The title of my blog reflects my perspective on God, faith and life. I believe the Love of God is foundational to everything.

In coming to this perspective, first came the revelation of God as Love.

Second came the implications for what this Love meant for me personally: If God is Love, then I am loved and all is well – I have nothing to fear.

Third came the implication for how this Love related to my view of other people. If God is Love, then there is value in each person. Each one is a son or daughter of God and a person of infinite value.

And now, most recently I am seeing how God as Love relates to the way I live my life. If God is Love, which leads me to see that I have nothing to fear, and that each one is valuable, then I am called to actively love others as God loves. The implications of this are many, and this is where I am right now in my life.

I post this because today I was thinking how all of this still relates to the central foundation of my belief – that God is Love. And if God is Love, then the implications are many – for me, for how I see others, and for how I live my life in this world.


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  1. Adam,
    I really enjoyed reading this post. What you say is really good. Because after all “God IS Love”. Thanks for posting this . -maria

  2. This concept is something I have been really thinking about a lot lately, because this year I learned a lot about Judaism and Islam. The one thing that most stood out is that this concept that God is Love does not exist in either religion. I was really shocked, because both these religions have the same roots as Christianity, and all three religions have strong similarities. I fully expected to find this idea as big a part of these religions as it is in Christianity. In Islam, they frequently cite that God is Peace, and I’ve seen it written in Jewish texts as well. But there is a big difference between peace and love. I wonder if the words were mixed at some point in another more ancient language. But the whole thing really has me interested in doing more research on the subject. Especially since it is such a basic idea for Christians, and something I would be hard pressed to not accept.

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