Merry Christmas!

Two big news items for our family today:

First, and most important, Ivy is celebrating her first Christmas.

And coming in a close second, I finally won my fantasy football league! Nine seasons. Three championship games. And finally, one championship victory. There is much rejoicing in Stradlebuck today.

(Yes, my team is the Stradlebuck Lugineers. I don’t know where the name came from – it was just the first name I thought of. And yes, this is the incredible trophy I will get to have for the upcoming year. I know. You’re jealous.)


2 Responses

  1. that trophy pic is a bit old. it should have my name on it.

  2. That’s a great photo of your little one; this year was doubly nice in my household — it was the first Christmas for my youngest, and for my oldest, the first Christmas where she understood — and was fascinated by — the story about the birth of Jesus. Even today, I’m still answering questions about it!

    Best wishes for a great 2008!

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