Jim Wallis and Jon Stewart

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Jim Wallis on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


(HT: God’s Politics)


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  1. The Mrs. and I had the opportunity to hear him speak at a book signing at Bookpeople. It was fantastic. He’s so reasonable and thought provoking.

    That is to say, it’s a far cry from what we see from real-live politicians.

  2. ^ ditto

  3. I agree, Jim Wallis is my hero of sorts, reading God’s politics flipped my world upside down 2 or 3 times.

    I guess what I’m struggling with, which was sort of brought up with Jon Stewart’s question about a religious left replacing a religious right. Wallis responds that young evangelicals want spirituality to meet social justice, a moral center because the political system is broken.

    How far can we expect to coalesce out faith into political systems, not politics, but the system or gov’t itself? Should be expect anti-abortion laws or churches full of loving people ready to adopt the unwanted babies thus abolishing the need for abortion?

    Should be expect stricter environmental laws, or a united, global church to protest and fight pollution and such?

    If we can’t expect the church to do it, then should be expect the gov’t?

    what do you think? i’m simply in the dark on this one.

    *side note: when i went to watch the vid, peyton manning’s commercial came on about having rock hard abs- “look, i’m going to be honest with you, if you not under 23 or a professional football player, then its not gonna happen. I suggest you just buy some bigger shirts.” LOL

  4. Joe – I don’t have a great answer. McLaren was asked a similar question when he came to Truett. In short, he replied that it is more complicated than we have normally seen it. We can’t just focus on the church or just on govt. Somehow there is a complex interaction between the two. I know this doesn’t answer your question but I really appreciated that McLaren acknowledged the complexity of the issue.

  5. I saw it on the Daily Show when it aired. It is fascinating. I don’t think there is any easy answer, but I don’t think faith and politics should be married. However, I do think that people of faith should be involved in the political process.

  6. Sidenote- I was very distracted by his eyebrows…

  7. uhm yeah, complex interaction is certainly correct, and for some reason that terminology is helpful to me.

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