Bonhoeffer Thursdays: What is Christianity for us today?

Until I get my fill, every Thursday I’m going to post quotes from Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Sometimes I’ll comment on the quote, other times I’ll just let it stand on its own. Bonhoeffer’s Letters & Papers from Prison has been impacting me in very significant ways over the past 4-5 months. Most, if not all, of the quotes I share will be from this particular collection of writings.


“You would be surprised, and perhaps even worried, by my theological thoughts and the conclusions that they lead to… What is bothering me incessantly is the question what Christianity really is, or indeed who Christ really is, for us today. The time when people could be told everything by means of words, whether theological or pious, is over, and so is the time of inwardness and conscience – and that means the time of religion in general. We are moving towards a completely religionless time; people as they are now simply cannot be religious any more. Even those who honestly describe themselves as ‘religious’ do not in the least act up to it, and so they presumably mean something quite different by ‘religious.’”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison


(I have compiled a comprehensive collection of excerpts from Letters and Papers from Prison that are related to Bonhoeffer’s concepts of “religionless Christianity,” “Christianity in a world come of age,” and other related matters. View the PDF document.)

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