Becoming a Christian

In becoming a Christian I think there is one primary question:

Does the message of Jesus compel you to follow?


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  1. Great question. Did you purposefully use the word message instead of person?

    I think both are great questions, and I’m not sure if you can separate the two, but I was just wondering.

  2. Good point Rishi – I think these do go together. It’s not just Jesus’ message – it’s who he is, what he does, and the message he speaks. I didn’t purposefully use “message” instead of “person.” I agree with you that the two go together. I just as easily could have said “Does the person of Jesus compel you to follow?”

  3. I like this…. a lot.

  4. what’s the message?

    <– devil’s advocate

  5. Joe – honestly, in this context, I don’t think a strict definition of the message is needed. This might sound heretical, but I think the person encountering Jesus and his message doesn’t need to be too concerned about getting the message just right. The important thing is whether the message really compels the person to follow (however they understand the message). Does that make sense? I understand your question, my response is just that I don’t think it applies…I think as the person begins to follow, the message can be sorted out. I’m sure many of the first disciples didn’t know what they were getting into exactly, but they followed. And as they followed it made more sense along the way.

    What do you think?

  6. Yeah get what you mean, but I guess what I’m trying to say is if I was nonchristian or cultural christian, than my question would be, “what do you mean follow? i thought it was a message to believe? what should i feel compelled me to follow? what message?”

    that’s what i was getting at, not so much doctrine, but the essence of the message or whatever your trying to get at in that question. maybe what i was pointing is that sounds like insider language, but meaningless language for those outside Christianity.

  7. Ok, yes, I get what you’re saying. That’s important (about “insider language,” etc.). I guess here’s what I think. Somehow the person is exposed to the person and message of Jesus – something based in the Gospels. In hearing this “message” (whatever, that message is, which is taken from the gospels in some way – directly or indirectly), does the person buy into it. Does the person want to experiment with living the kind of life Jesus talks about, does the person want to learn more and/or read more about it, does the person want to experiment with praying, does the person want to say “yes, i believe this stuff” (whatever they see “this stuff” to be). There are so many different ways this could happen – a small step of continuing the journey after hearing/experiencing/reading some aspect of “the message.” The first step leads, to a second, and another, etc (or a decision not to continue).

    Again, I’m avoiding your question kind of. I definitely have an idea in my mind of what the message is, but I think there is more than one way of expressing the message. And whatever message our hypothetical person is met with, the point is whether he/she will take whatever step is before them (all the examples I listed above) to begin to follow (or however you want to put it).

    By the way, I think the content of the message does matter, but I don’t think it necessarily matters so much in the context of what I am thinking about here (“Becoming a Christian”).

    I hope that makes a little sense…I appreciate what you’re saying Joe. I don’t like “meaningless” “insider language” – that’s the last thing I want.

    Ok, one more thing – maybe what to answer your question a little bit – I think the message is rooted in the gospels (maybe that’s all you were looking for!).

  8. Does the message of Jesus compel you to follow?


  9. Adam, I think you god it in the last part of your statement. It is the Gospels and it is a simple message to understand not a hard one. And it is not confusing, so everyone should understand it the same

    Joe, if you are still listening, the message is the life, death and ressurection of Christ. Read the story of Christ in the Gospels: Mattehew, Mark, Luke and John. Also read Acts and especially Romans to find out how to become a Christian. James and Collosians will also keep you on your toes.

    What compelled me was not only the message because as the Bible says, “even the demons beleive and shudder”. Not everyone who hears or reads the Gospels hears it with their hearts and are therfore not compelled. A person needs to have understanding and this comes from God Himself and happens because of the prayers of Christians. Prayer is what moves the hand of God, and when we don’t pray, even souls can go by the wayside. That’s the importance of prayer. When I heard the story of Christ and realized that my sin(inner dirtiness and rebelliousness in contrast to God’s complete holiness) was separating me from the most Supreme Being, my Creator, my heart broke and my soul cried out to God to make it right. That was my turning point, that’s what compelled me to fallow God.
    So I pray for anyone reading this, that thinks the Bible may be unclear. That God would make it real in your spirit and you would also be compelled to make a life changeing decision to follow Christ.

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