Apparently, you’re allowed to shoot homeless people in Waco

This is very disturbing, from Sunday’s Waco Tribune-Herald:

A Franklin Avenue business owner who shot a homeless man who was sleeping in one of his vacant buildings in July will not be prosecuted, the McLennan County district attorney’s office has decided.

Here’s what happened:

Tanner [the shooter] told Cromer [the homeless man] that he was trespassing and that the police were on the way, Waco police have said. When Cromer started to stand up, Tanner fired, striking Cromer in the left side with pellets, according to reports.

Here’s the law:

Under Texas law, including the so-called “Castle Law” signed by Gov. Rick Perry last year, a person is justified in using deadly force in his home, vehicle or place of business if he reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to protect himself or someone else.

Hmmm, this situation doesn’t quite seem “justified”…certainly this should at least go to trial…

Jimmy Dorrell, executive director of Mission Waco, helps us take this to another level:

“It looks like from all I know of the situation that he was just trying to find a place to sleep,” Dorrell said. “He was definitely trespassing, but to just shoot somebody for trespassing seems kind of unreasonable. I think anybody who goes in with a gun after somebody, unless he is being accosted, that is a little bit much, like having a maverick mind-set.”

Dorrell said there are many misperceptions that homeless people, who frequently have psychological or substance-abuse problems, are violent. That isn’t true, Dorrell said, adding that they are less violent than the “mainstream population.”

“I wonder if the same thing would happen if this guy who got shot wasn’t a homeless guy,” Dorrell said.

Yes, I wonder…

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7 Responses

  1. So sad.

  2. Your last few posts have really left me thinking… the point that I can’t comment.

    Though Jimmy asked that last question….I think he knows the answer (along with everybody else).

  3. This is the kind of thing that Christians need to be speaking out against. Too bad we’re too caught up with “moral issues.” As if social justice isn’t a “moral issue.”

  4. Speaking of speaking out against things, did you find the DAs information, Adam? Who would we contact to speak against this?

  5. Here’s the info about the district attorney (an elected official). We should write letters.

    District Attorney’s Office

  6. Geez was that really necessary? It’s not like Cromer was being a threat. I don’t care if the storeowner is traumatized from being robbed at gunpoint; getting all on edge and taking it out on a sleeping homeless guy, trespassing or not, is not the way. I think we should do something to help Will. Cheers to Mission Waco! Thank you Jimmy Dorrell for speaking out.

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