Friday Notes

A few notes to keep you interested over the weekend:

What’s the fastest growing religion in America?
Bob Carlton gives us the answer. And it’s not what you might expect…

Peter Rollins on Orthodoxy, Doxology and The End of Religion
Michael Spencer at Internet Monk, gives us a short excerpt from an interview with Peter Rollins. Here’s an even shorter excerpt:

…when Jesus talks about the truth, he talks about life. The truth is what brings life. My axiom for today is that Christianity at its core doesn’t explain life but it brings life. We must thus ask whether our beliefs and actions bring life, healing and love to the people in the world. To bring live into the world is to know God for God is love. This is not the knowledge of creeds and theology but the knowledge of a transforming relationship with the source of all love. Truth in Christianity is thus different from the way we understand truth in the world, for the truth of Christianity is life, not description. This is what I talk about heretical orthodoxy, i.e. someone who does not understand God yet who changes the world in love.

Thinking about evangelism
Cheryl Lawrie at hold :: this space is thinking about evangelism. I really like what she is thinking. Here’s a tease:

the story i keep hearing from people who have intentionally and deliberately not chosen Christianity is that they are treated with disdain by some who have, being spouted lines like ‘you just haven’t heard about the christianity / god / faith that i know’. some people actually know about christianity and choose not to go there. how arrogant and smug of christians to assume that they know better…

Where Jim Wallis Stands
Christianity Today interviews Jim Wallis. The article begins with the following: “Jim Wallis wants you to know he’s not a liberal.”

Penguins Update
Oh, and by the way, in case you were wondering, the Penguins swept away the Ottawa Senators.


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