“The history of God is a history of silence.”

For some reason this phrase, these words, have been stuck in my mind for the past few days.

Thinking of Scripture.

Considering history.

My life.

Our world.

“The history of God is the history of silence.”

What do you think?


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4 Responses

  1. We talked about this briefly in Christian Scriptures 1 this morning with reference to 1 Kings 19, and the story of Elijah in the cave, pouting and afraid of Jezebel. God tells him that he’s going to pass by the cave, and then proceeds to send a mighty wind, an earthquake, a fire, and then a “sheer silence.”
    Elijah rightly perceived God was the “sheer silence.”

    Sometimes God speaks through silence–sometimes through fire like at Mt. Carmel defeating the prophets of Baal. The key is recognizing the difference.

    Good conversation today.

  2. i think that sucks. just saying. but i’m probably thinking about it the wrong way.

  3. No April, you’re not missing any deep nugget of hope. This came out of some not very happy or hopeful thinking.

    I was just thinking that God tends to be silent a lot. Not always, but a lot.

  4. This is why I believe meditation is important. What is meditation but the act of seeking Silence.

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