A confession of over indulgence

At Next-Wave, Josh Brown writes:

I am a hypocrite. Hear me roar. I sip my smoothies and blog with my expensive technology. I listen to my indie music with my utilitarian wardrobe. Don’t mess with me! I give money to the poor. I pay extra to get our electricity from “green energy”. Come! Come follow me. Downward mobility is the way to go. But wait . . . I am not going downward. I’m accessorizing my middle mobility. This is not change I am doing. This is not life that I’m creating. I’m perpetuating a myth. I’m soothing my guilt. I am the great politicizer. The great moralizer. The great theorist!

Why does God allow suffering?

Writing as a guest blogger at RLP, Sarah Bickle refuses to accept some of the “bull-oney” theories people offer to those dealing with suffering.

NT Wright on the Kingdom of God

Paul Fromont points us to an interview with NT Wright where he reminds us that “we don’t know how the Kingdom works” and that it “is always a surprise for us.”

Too much emphasis on the Gospels?

Michael Spencer reminds us of the danger of the gospels. I couldn’t agree more.

You could get a lot of wrong ideas reading the Gospels too much. You could start thinking that Jesus is in favor of some kind of social gospel where people give away lots of things, live in community, get in trouble for their radical compassion and stand outside of the religious establishment much of the time.

In fact, really….the Gospels have some good stories, but wouldn’t we be better off to study things like Romans 3 more often, so we really know what the Gospel is about?

Should men be ordained?

Eugene Cho points us to ten compelling reasons to reconsider.


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  1. thanks for the link adam!

  2. Re: Sarah’s post on RLP.

    If there is a God, and he is powerful to save these children, then He is going to have a lot to answer for on Judgment Day.

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