Going beyond the Christian “table”

Cheryl Lawrie has some interesting thoughts about alternative communities and looking outside the Christian community. I think she’s talking about “church that’s not a church.” You should read the whole post, but here’s a sample:

“Most conversations about new forms of church or christian community are about rethinking the table at which the disciples sit. True confession… this project doesn’t emerge from any interest in that table, or even really in the disciples. i think the really interesting stuff of the gospels is the other stories – the tables Jesus went to where the disciples weren’t invited, or where they were so absent no-one thought to mention their presence – the afternoons at Mary and Martha’s, the nameless person’s house where Jesus met the syro-phonoecian woman, dinner at Levi’s house, dinner with Peter’s mother, the ‘water into wine’ wedding table… i think they’re the fun tables.”

Listen to Peter Rollins

Check out this lecture by Peter Rollins entitled “On the supreme difficulty of atheism and why only the religious can attain it.”

Dear God: Hear us, one prayer at a time

Send your prayers directly to God, via this blog. Lots of good reading and quite a holy voyeuristic pleasure of sorts. (HT: Walking Away)

The Church Basement Roadshow: A Rollin’ Gospel Revival

Check out the press release for Mark Scandrette, Tony Jones, and Doug Pagitt’s upcoming tour. Here’s a snippet:

“Taking a page out of the Billy Sunday playbook, the authors will spread the emergent message of a generous, hope-filled Christian faith in the style and cadence of the tent revival preachers of a hundred years ago. They plan to have fun with it, wearing frock suits and selling “healing balm,” but the goal is, as in the revivals of yore, to preach the good news.”

Radiohead video for “All I Need”

Check out this powerful video from Radiohead juxtaposing two children from opposite sides of the world – one rich, one poor. (HT: Gathering in Light)


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