Reading Books for Free (and I’m not talking about the library!)

Because my blog is one of the top blogs in the universe, and because I am fabulously famous (which was the goal in starting a blog in the first place), I’ve started to receive free books as part of The Ooze Select Blogger Network. Yes, that’s right, I’m “select,” and you probably aren’t. Sorry. And don’t even think about being select until you start having at least five or six different people coming to your blog. And I mean every day.

[As an aside, I recently watched What Would Jesus Buy? and when Reverend Billy prays or conducts credit card exorcisms (yes, you read that right) he calls God the “fabulous creator” – or something like that. I like the word fabulous. Rolls off the tongue. I’m a fabulous blogger. Sounds good. Maybe it should be The Ooze Fabulous Blogger Network…I’ll see what I can do about that…]

So anyways, I’ve started receiving books in the mail with the expectation that I will read them and write about them on my blog. This is great news for you! Not only will you be reading a blog that’s part of a select fabulous blogger network, you will also be receiving free advice from me about books you should or should not be reading! Free advice from a fabulous blogger! You are very lucky people.

Alrighty, let’s get down to business. Here are my first reviews.

Hokey Pokey, by Mathew Paul Turner
Yep, the first book is called Hokey Pokey. It’s written by a former editor of CCM magazine and the book is about issues related to vocation and calling. These are issues I think about a lot. I’m not sure, but perhaps because I think about these issues a lot, this book didn’t do it for me. Turner is a good writer and has some good things to say, but no big revelations. And let me tell you, I need big revelations – especially when it comes to this topic. But if you are interested in a book to get you started thinking about vocation and calling, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

Feel, by Mathew Elliot
I only made it through half of Feel, but I actually did like what Eliot is saying. He’s basically trying to debunk the myth that feelings are always to be discounted. He is particularly interested in showing that the Bible does not support this way of thinking. I agree. However, I thought the book was repeating the same thing over and over. After reading half the book I just had a feeling the second half was going to be the same as the first. I decided to trust my feelings and skip the second half. But if this stuff interests you, I do recommend the book (or at least the first half of it).

We the Purple, by Marcia Ford
Marcia Ford believes we’re in the midst of a growing revolution of sorts – the growth in the number and influence of independent voters. Ford is an independent voter and is quite proud of it. And very excited. But I’m not as excited. I have nothing to say about this book. I only read a couple chapters. I wasn’t interested. Maybe I’ll pick it up again later. If you want to read a thoughtful review from someone who actually did read the book, check out Makeesha Fisher’s review of the book (by the way, I agree that it’s probably a good idea to read a book before reviewing it. I’ll try to follow that rule.)

Songs for a Revolution of Hope, Volume 1
This is not a book, so I did not read it. But since it’s a cd, I did listen to it. Songs for a Revolution of Hope is a collaboration between Brian McLaren and Tracy Howe of the Restoration Project. It’s a cd that tries real hard to produce a different kind of worship music for the church. As you know, typical worship music is something I definitely have a problem with, so I really do appreciate what this project is trying to do. However, I just couldn’t get into it. I like the lyrics to the songs (for the most part). I like the sounds. But I just have this block against worship music. Sorry. I love McLaren and I love what he’s trying to do here. Please go and check out this cd. Or at least check out the lyrics. It really does represent a good change in direction for worship music. I just have a problem.

Well, that’s it folks. I’m sorry there are no strong recommendations here. I’m just now starting to read the next batch of books provided by the Ooze Fabulous Blogger Network. I am hopeful there will be some good ones. Right now I’m reading The New Conspirators by Tom Sine and Rapture Ready by Daniel Radosh. I’m particularly excited about Rapture Ready.


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  1. I am getting countless e-mails about this election being the rise of anti christ. Let me provide some answers from Bible prophecy that should calm the fears of alot of frightened Americans out there..”This gospel must be preached to all the world before the end can come.”Math.24:13.” This promise has not been fulfilled yet. Jesus said, let no man decieve you by any means concerning the time of my coming.”Math.24:4″ Jesus warned christians about false teachers who would come in his name, “deceiving many” over an early time of his coming.. Jesus states plainly that modern christians today will be “killed for my sake,” and all must “endure to the end.” To what end should they then endure? To the end of the harvest. The harvest is here, and the workers want to run away and be raptured to escape and hide from the harvest. We must not be seeking to avoid our responsibilities, and we must work for the cause of saving many more souls. Christ promised us, that he will not return for any reason, nor for any early rapture until the world wide missionary effort is completed. America is a very critical part of the gospels success, and we therefore must remain a christian nation, no matter what happens. This means christians who have been practicing their faith through out life, will now be called upon to play the real game they have been preparing for henseforth… The harvest is ready, and the laborers are few. That means you and I. See video recorded below with Sarah Palin requesting Gods help through our prayers. In world war one and two, it was common practice for American families to pray for the troops abroad. Why do we not do so as much today? Are you and your family praying for the troops each day? Are you doing this in your church meetings? Sarah Palins son is in Iraq risking his life for our country. We prayed for both Sarah Palin and McCain to win the election. I have ran into far too many christians who were not worried about this election, expected to get raptured up to heaven anyway. I heard the same constant fatalism of believing that God had now removed himself from America and it was now too late. The reports show clearly that as many as 4 to 5 million christians did not even bother to vote this year. I believe that we lost this election because of this widespread rapture theory which has removed a critical advantage of our christian voter block. I wrote a book in order to warn christians about these false teachers who have come in the name of Jesus to decieve them about the time of his coming. Obama prevailed, and he will face an economic crisis in which he will not have the skill, nor experience to confront this crisis, nor contain it. When his policies fail, the domocrats will then have no one else to blame. The country will then seek better leadership from leaders like Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and others who have great skill in fixing the economy. That is why I need your help to reach these deluded christian voters by providing biblical warnings to those who have been sucked into this pre-trib mind set, and bring them back to reality..Sarah Palin is a winner no matter what happens because she has gained our trust and the trust of the national conservative movement. All of Palins warnings given dureing the election concerning Obama, these warnings will soon come true. This will seal Palins words into future history. Her words will become more credable dureing the Obama presidency after time moves on.. listen to Sarah as recorded below giving her explanation for obtaining Gods blessings by following her own families example. Help our troops in Iraq by sending this message to Christian voters. Here is a video that leftists are spreading across youtube in order to hurt Palins credability. Please pay close attention so you are not decieved by democrat supporters. click lion with wings, to see the Palin video and my videos about Iraq in prophecy.
    I am a christian who worked many long hours within the past two years trying to gather conservative support from other christians. I would like to point out a stumbling blocks that gave me extreme difficulty while trying to gather election support from a majority of good christians. When making my requests for sharing e-mails or needing foot soldiers to spread the conservative message to other voters, I kept hearing the same fatalism as to why it would not do much good to worry about this election. Over and over I heard these words. I believe Obama is going to win because God is finished with America and we are directly headed into the tribulation period. Jesus is coming soon to rapture us up and out from under this mess, so it matters little what we can do.
    I recieved many long sermons from people about concerning the anti christ or messiah being Obama, and how the mark of the beast was to be implanted into Americans through home land securety, and the world banking system. I tried to persuade these people that America still has a christian mission to perform in Iraq, and in many other places who have not heard the gospel yet. They would reply by stateing, these people must all go through the tribulation to become humbled enough to accept Jesus that way. I requested scripture many times from these christians as to how I might sight specific Bible scriptures to support this popular theory. I was only given scattered assumtions from less than clear biblical source material, always taken far from out of context. Most of the theory did not come from the Bible at all, but was obviously spun from peoples own speculations. Talking about the two witnesses who testify in Jerusalem during the tribulation. Here is eveidence that the church was not removed from the earth, and was fully functional having power over Satan as the two christians could even rise from the dead.

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