Minnekon – Session 1

Today was the first official day for the Minnekon conference/workshop in Minneapolis, featuring Peter Rollins and his friends from Ikon. The schedule is perfect. We start each day with a talk from Pete at 4:00 (which means we get to sleep in and spend some time around town during the morning and early afternoon. Today Brooke and I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, which was wonderful). Pete has three talks planned. Today was about God, tomorrow is about Revelation and Friday is about Church. After the session we all ate dinner together which gives a good amount of time to hang out and chat with Pete, the Ikon folks, and other people attending the conference/workshop. After dinner are the more practical workshops led by all the Ikon crew. An excellent schedule. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Perfect.

So anyways, here are some highlights from today:

  • Rollins: “I agree with much of what I say, but not everything.”
  • Most churches follow the time line of “believe, behave, belong.” This should be turned around. Belonging to the community should be the first step, which may lead to a change of behavior, and perhaps a change in beliefs.
  • We are an object before God. We don’t name God, God names us. God is the absolute subject.
  • Not everything that exists can be made into an object (example: life).
  • Is Rollins’ view a fancy kind of agnosticism? Not exactly. Rather, whereas agnosticism is a middle ground between atheism and theism, approaching God in the way Rollins proposes is more like holding both extremes at the same time – and maybe being ripped apart as we are stretched by holding both ends of the spectrum.
  • Rollins: “I’m not going to let the word ‘God’ get in the way.” But the word God does have value. But even this important word should not get in the way of transformation.
  • Rollins: “Sharing rituals we have created is very important to me.” Belonging is very important.
  • At Ikon they have started an “Omega Course” (as opposed to the Alpha Course), which is designed to help people “exit Christianity in 12 weeks.”
  • Rollins: “My job at Ikon is to refuse leadership.”
  • The members of Ikon are those who would be greatly missed if they left. The word member comes from the idea of a body part. In this way, a member is someone who would be greatly missed, in the same way that a finger would be greatly missed as part of the hand.
  • The workshop part of today’s session was led by the Ikon crew – Pete, Sarah, Jonny, and Kellie. This part of the week’s activities is going by the name “Lessons in Evandalism” and will be an attempt to convey some of the things Ikon has learned along the way. These workshops will culminate in an Ikon sort of event on Saturday night.
  • In planning Ikon events, the creators consider the following: playfulness + provocation = rupture
  • Ikon tries to find the common ground between “cool” and “disturbing.”

Today was great. Of course there is so much more than what I have written here. These are just the ideas/thoughts that jumped out at me.

More to come…


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I’ve blogged through both of Rollins’ books:

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  1. I really like the part about members.

  2. […] amazing post this morning) It is not some ridiculous formula: Believe, become (or behave), belong. Flip it around. Don’t we first try and wrap our itty bitty minds around the idea that ALL belong to G-d, […]

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