Minnekon – Session 2

We just got back to the hotel from session 2 of Minnekon. More good stuff. Good conversations. Good talks. Good workshops. Another great day. Here are some highlights:

  • Pete talked about revelation
  • An icon is not something we just look at but is also where God looks at us. Where we gaze upon the invisible and where the invisible gazes upon us.
  • Our theology is a response to God’s incoming. Our theology indirectly relates to God.
  • Revelation is not about God whispering in our ear, but is about incomprehension, bedazzlement, and transformation.
  • Revelation more like enlightenment – changes how we see the world.
  • If revelation is a whisper in our ear, then knowledge and action can be separated. We can know the truth and not do the truth. Rollins says revelation doesn’t allow this. You are what you do. You are your social self.
  • Jesus was radical because he seemed to forgive people without condition. Perhaps unconditional forgiveness helps bring forth repentance. You see this in the prodigal story.
  • Tony Jones and Peter Rollins had some dialogue after Pete’s talk. Tony asked about how all of this works in real life. What does it mean for a devotional life with God? Would these things have been harder to come to in American life? Lots of discussion followed around these questions.
  • After the talks, Sarah, Jonny, Kellie and Pete presented more “lessons in evandalism.” This part of the night was primarily centered on Jonny leading us through some artistic exercises (Im not exactly sure what to call it…but it was good stuff). Lots of interesting stuff. Good group discussion and work. I have really enjoyed the contributions from the non-Pete Ikon folks. These are very bright, creative, and thoughtful people. They have much to offer and I have much to learn. Good thing we have a couple more days…

More tomorrow…now comes sleep.


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I’ve blogged through both of Rollins’ books:

The Fidelity of Betrayal and How (Not) to Speak of God


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  1. This is where I see the American way rubbing up against what Rollins is suggesting. It’s very unpractical because its designed to be elusive in a sense, so we can’t control it. Most people won’t like that.

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