Minnekon – Session 3

Today Pete spoke on the church. Here are a few highlights:

  • Doubt is not what makes faith weak but what makes it strong.
  • Doubt and uncertainty make our decisions more courageous.
  • Embrace the world and all its joy and suffering – that is where God is (from Bonhoeffer).
  • Revelation as rupture
  • No distinction between hearing and heeding.
  • Being the miraculous is more important than believing in the miraculous.
  • How does this work in the context of the church?
  • 1 – Church should speak to our social self. Aligning our actions with our beliefs.
  • Doubt must be open rather than just allowing the people to let the pastor or institution believe on their behalf.
  • Church often speaks to how we should believe. Instead should talk to our social self that doesn’t believe these things. Pastors must show doubt and live fully in the world. They must break the spell.
  • 2 – Church needs to bring people to maturity. Leaders must be ones who refuse leadership.
  • The last teaching of a great leader is that you must betray me.
  • Love is always in excess. Loving disciple always goes beyond the teacher. Church must encourage this kind of betrayal.
  • 3 – Churche should be place of suspended space (epoche). Becoming nobody, nothing in that place. That’s the place God speaks. Enact the eschaton. God is always with those without identity. God is there when we divest ourselves. God speaks in the place of no place.
  • 4 – Belonging before belief.
  • Jesus didn’t talk much about theology.
  • 5 – Longing for the event of God.

After Pete’s final talk we did our serious work towards developing an Ikon-like service/theodrama/transformance art for Saturday night. The theme for the night is “a.way” or “(finding) a.way (from here).” The following are the elements of an Ikon event that we worked on developing for Saturday night:

  • Liturgy – theological words
  • Ritual – interactive communal response
  • Visuals
  • Music
  • Reflections – often personal
  • Stories – more theological content but through parables, poetry, etc.
  • Gift – something for each person to take away from the evening.

Well, that’s probably enough for now. I have to work on the introduction to the event (part of the liturgy). We’ll see how that goes…

[By the way, I plan on following up on all this with some general reflection on the events of the week]


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I’ve blogged through both of Rollins’ books:

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  1. The leadership going away is in direct conflict with traditional church. Its what we do. And most pastors won’t like that…but I hope they listen.

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