A Woman of Great Faith

In a time of devastating war there was a woman whose husband was killed on the field of battle. In accordance with her religious customs, and during the specified time of mourning, she went to see the high priest in the holy city. Arriving at the temple, the woman was brought before the priest. As she bowed before the holy man, she said, “Wise priest, I come before you in mourning but I have confidence in the scriptures, which assure me that my husband is now with our ancestors in paradise. Though I am devastated by this loss, I am filled with faith in our God. He sustains me and lifts me up in the midst of my grief. Please bless me and pray that I might be rescued from any doubt and that I might not question God’s reasons for taking my husband from my children and me.”

Filled with sorrow for the woman’s loss, the priest placed his hand on the woman’s head and quietly mouthed an ancient blessing. He then prayed for her, saying, “O God of our fathers, I pray for this dear woman who has experienced such a tremendous loss. I pray for her and her children who have lost a husband and a father so prematurely. I also pray you would rescue her from her great faith. Blessed Father hear our prayer.”

Opening her eyes the woman stood silently before the priest. After a few moments she opened her mouth and said, “I do not understand your prayer, wise priest. My longing is for an even greater faith. Why did you pray for me to be rescued from my faith?”

With much compassion, the priest looked into the woman’s eyes and responded, “Dear child, I also long for you to have an even greater faith than you currently possess. That is the reason for my prayer. For it is only when we lose our faith that we can truly gain it.


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  1. but why??

  2. Good question.

  3. Perhaps it is because anything so truly worth having must be earned.
    Great story by the way.

  4. A typically vapid piece of postmodern waffle masquerading as a parable in an attempt to be cool but ultimately is meaningless. If you had suffered the loss of close family or friends you woud not write such rubbish….


  5. Dear John:
    The author of this blog and his wife have lost a child. I’m sure he would thank you for visiting, but please do a little more reading of the blog contents before making such comments.

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