A Woman Without Faith

In a time of devastating war there was a woman whose husband was killed on the field of battle. Upon hearing the news, the woman dropped to her knees and cried out to the heavens, “I curse you God for taking away my husband and for stealing the father of my children!” At that moment she collapsed to the ground, her body limp and seemingly lifeless. Unresponsive, she was carried to her bed where she lay for two days, not saying another word.

On the morning of the third day, the local priest came and stood at the woman’s bedside. Though silent and without movement, the woman’s eyes were open, staring blankly at the wall across from her bed. For a long time the priest simply stood beside her with his head bowed and eyes closed, appearing to be in prayer. While the priest was still praying, slowly the face of the woman seemed to regain life. Seeing the priest beside her, she opened her mouth, and finding her voice said, “Are you the man who came to me in my dream?” Slightly startled, the priest said, “I have only been standing here, praying for you and your family. Tell me about your dream.” Still regaining her consciousness, the woman described her dream to the priest.

“I dreamed I was walking in a beautiful and lush garden. I walked for many hours as the garden continued to expand before me, appearing to be without boundary. For a long time I saw a man in the distance and then suddenly he was right before me. He did not respond to my words and did not appear to be aware of my presence. All the while, he was speaking loudly, almost shouting, in a beautiful language I could not understand.”

Contemplating the woman’s dream, the priest said, “Perhaps our Lord has appeared to you in your grief, seeking to give you comfort and rest.” With anger in her voice, the woman responded, “I have renounced my God and I refuse his comfort. Please leave me alone in my grief.” With sadness, the priest bowed his head and left the room. But after closing the door behind him, he stopped and quietly prayed, “O God of our fathers, I pray for this dear woman who has experienced such a tremendous loss. I pray for her and her children who have lost a husband and a father so prematurely. I pray you would help her to find her faith. Blessed Father hear my prayer.”


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  1. Hello Adam,
    Hello Adam,

    I have noticed that Christian friends of an evangelical orthodox belief system undergoing pain/grief for the loss of a loved one can derive a sense of comfort and consolation from the presence of God and the expectation of meeting their loved ones in the afterlife – the certainity of convictions gives them hope.

    I am much more of a liberal Christian and i suppose in my heart of hearts I do not believe in an afterlife – i cannot share the same hope.

    Yet perhaps the womens in the midst of her pain/sense of the absence of God/grief has experienced the touch of God in a dream even though she does not realise it?

    Perhaps in my heart of hearts there is room for a revelation
    of God that there is everlasting life?

    An ongoing haunting question with no firm answer….


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