Faith the size of a mountain

The minister was quite impassioned as he delivered his Sunday sermon, proclaiming the necessity for people of faith to defend their ground against the onslaught of atheistic attacks against both God and Christianity. Speaking with power and authority about the need for warriors of faith, the preacher quoted a well known passage of scripture:

“One evening when the crowd had finally dispersed, Jesus’ disciples came to him in private and inquired, ‘Lord, why is it there are times when we can perform great miracles, yet at other times we find ourselves completely powerless?’

“Looking into the distance, Jesus replied, ‘Your problem is your lack of faith. Truly I tell you, you must have faith the size of a mountain to perform even the smallest of miracles. Nothing will be possible for you without such a faith.'”

Leaving the church that day, many from the congregation were newly committed to eradicating any seed of doubt from their faith, no matter how small.


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  1. brilliant.

  2. Unmoving faith in the belief of a specific dogma? Unmoving faith in God, His Son? Or just unmoving faith that one can do a miracle? One does not extrapolate to the other, in my opinion.

  3. Angela – I see your point. I think in general I am seeing faith here as an overall trust in God. Trust that God is true, trust that he takes care of us, and a trust that with him all things are possible.

    I see the confusion on this level in what I wrote. I would leave the whole miracle aspect out but I did want to honor the text (even though some might say I am completely desecrating it here). The original scripture is speaking to the disciples question about not being able to drive out a demon.

    My primary thought when writing this was to play with the idea of “faith the size of a mountain” versus “faith the size of a mustard seed.” I wanted to switch around the saying. I think there is more than one way to look at what I wrote, but I was coming from the perspective that too often Christians feel the need to have “faith the size of a mountain” when Jesus seems to choose the smallest thing he could think of to describe how much faith we need. He emphasized the smallness not the “bigness” of faith. I find that really interesting.

    But again, I think there are other ways of looking at this. I was just trying to create something to provoke some thought. I’m not sure if it was a successful attempt. My wording probably needs some work. But I did want to leave it a bit ambiguous and open to interpretation.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts about this?

  4. I thought your play on words was good: “eradicating any seed of doubt” versus having faith the size of a mustard seed.

    One of the things I’ve grown in over the past few years, largely due to you and Brooke, is being “okay” (for lack of a better word) with doubt, or with others’ doubt. I’m coming to see more and more that God can handle it; I don’t have to convince people one way or the other, and probably shouldn’t try in most (if not all) cases. I used to be scared of doubt. I’m not so much anymore.

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