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January 22, 2008

I’ve watched the movie Amazing Grace a couple times in the past month or so. If you haven’t seen it, you should bump it to the top of your queue. If you live near me, I’d be glad to let you borrow our copy.

Anyways, if you don’t know already, the movie is about William Wilberforce and his work (along with his friends) to end the slave trade in the United Kingdom.

In searching for a little more information about Wilberforce, I came across some information about Wilberforce’s group of friends – the Clapham Sect. The Clapham Sect worked together to bring about social change in many different areas within UK society. I found the following characteristics of the Clapham Sect at OnMovements and thought this was worth sharing and discussing.

…the Clapham Sect shared these characteristics:

1. A common commitment to Jesus Christ and a clear sense of calling.

2. A commitment to lifelong friendship and mutual submission.

3. A thoughtful pursuit of causes marked by careful research, planning and strategy.

4. A friendship that was inclusive and focused on essentials. (Wilberforce, for example was Wesleyan and his closest friend Henry Thornton a Calvinist.)

5. A long view on completing projects. Abolition of the slave trade took over 20 years.

6. They saw no dichotomy between evangelism and social action. Their magazine, The Christian Observer, exemplified this.

7. Their faith was integral to all of life…family, career, friendship and more. They allowed no compartmentalization.

8. They made family life a clear priority and delighted in each other’s marriages and children.

9. They enabled one another. They recognized each other’s passions and supported one another in them.

10. They worshiped both privately and publicly, gathering twice weekly at the Clapham Church.

I think this relates to my previous post. What do you think? Can this happen today? Is it already happening in certain places/groups?