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Blogs to read instead of mine (since I don’t blog anymore)
October 16, 2008

Since I stopped blogging, I also stopped reading most blogs. But I have kept a few in my handy Google Reader. Here are the top 10, in alpha order.

1. dear mr. supercomputer – Geoff’s blog is named after a brilliant Sufjan Stevens song. That’s why I read it. Never underestimate the importance of the blog title.

2. garfield minus garfield – not a true blog, but truly hilarious.

3. hold : this space – I really resonate with Cheryl’s thinking and I think the blog header is beautiful. Never underestimate the importance of the blog header.

4. Jonny Baker – I read Jonny because he is always breaking new ground.

5. Looking Closer – my film fix. I’ve been reading this one since I first entered the blogosphere.

6. nevermind the bricolage – Barry Taylor wrote one of my favorite books of the year. His blog is always pointing me to places and thoughts I would have never arrived at otherwise.

7. Peter Rollins – because everyone needs to read one blog from Northern Ireland, right?

8. Post Rant Rant – the blogosphere cannot exist without ranting. These rants are particularly thoughtful.

9. Real Live Preacher – the best blog in these here internets. Without question.

10. The Corner – a perfect mix of good links and good thoughts.